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A Program that boosts your value.

We believe in tech, ideas, and who knows how to deal with and leverage our deepest bias.

We invest in teams that have the strength to rethink the present.


We believe in the future, and we want to be the first sure step on which the founders can start building it.

Up to 200k

to boost every startup that joins our Program and our inspiring ecosystem. 


months to accelerate every team into a market changer.

     LUISS EnLabs


The Call

We are looking for digital startups and these are the main - but not only - fields of application that we are more interested in.


Main Categories

Personal Finance

The neo-banks behave, at best, as quasi-banks. The great concern of the new generations is managing their check.

While investment funds remain solid only for high incomes, savings struggle to find viable solutions that go beyond the individual adventure. We believe that any company succussing in filling this void can build new financial credibility and thrive.

Housing & Welfare

The concept of home for the new generations is increasingly disconnected from ownership.

We believe that the future will be built on fragmentation, from housing to welfare, and the price to pay for access to those services requires new enabling paradigms, increasingly linked to the possibility of rethinking credit, risk, and debt.

Data Ownership & Content Moderation

In a scenario in which content and data consumption and collection are hyper-accelerated, decontextualized, and ferociously exploited, the control of ownership, purpose, and relevance is crucial, and no longer desirable.

We believe in all the solutions that can reconstruct the value of the original and authenticity and keep it stable and recognizable all over the web.


The last chance to wide margins on every product sold is increasingly linked to the creation and direct management of services to support the customer and product life.

Any solution, able to exploit this paradigm, represents a vital choice for every company.

We are looking for solutions that can enable this vision at scale.

Future of Travel

The idea of ​​travel is less and less related to an isolated situation over time. Faced with the impossibility of planning and making medium-term decisions, millennials and gen z still want and expect to have super-easy access to stable and reliable services.

We believe in solutions that can redefine the travel experience by leveraging invariable assets in alternative and unconventional ways.

Future of Edtech

Solutions that can provide customized and accessible models for a higher educational standard, thanks to technology and improved interactions.

Values we Value


New digital tools, models, and products replace the old ones, reshaping our everyday habits at an ever-faster pace.


With the environmental impact considered as a priority for both political and financial institutions, sustainability becomes a Value.

Deep Tech

AI solutions, Quantum Computing, Drones, Robotics, AR, VR, and many other tools are on their way to ride and shape the next tech wave.

Acceleration, for real.

LUISS EnLabs is LVenture Group’s Acceleration Program. Founded in 2013 as a joint venture with Luiss Guido Carli University, it has turned in a real point of reference in Europe, with 100+ startups accelerated so far, all VC backed by LVenture Group.

Fully Committed

We boost tomorrow’s leading enterprises, with a customizable deal and a flourishing ecosystem of innovators.


We believe that accelerating is a crucial part of the journey, but we are aiming further.

That’s why we provide founders with a 360° support from application to the exit.

We follow each startup with our entire team, and we boost innovation as One company, because we have a full-stack investment approach.


The Deal

Our Program fills the gap between your vision and the market reality.
We provide your team with everything you need to grow into a real enterprise and thrive.
We back it with funding, services, training and a great ecosystem.


Up to €200k seed, with a customized deal that combines cash, services and convertible notes.


50+ Advisors ready to support your startups when it comes to marketing, communication, technology and legal.


30 Hours of Workshop for 17 vertical seminars tailored to meet your needs:  Metrics, Financials, Communication, PR, Accounting to name a few.


Full support in all fund raising activities. From a stage to pitch to every investment round, until your exit.


180+ perks valued €2M in cloud credits, prototyping, SEO, marketing, payments and customer support.


A huge network of corporates, startups, Business Angels, mentors, Alumni, Talent and Scouting Partners to amplify your value.


A fully equipped co-working space in our Rome and Milan Hubs, two edgy locations for a magic ecosystem.

Full stack approach

Accelerated startups are supported for their whole life, thanks to both internal resources and follow-on investments by LVenture Group.



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